86 your last half-hour
You just worked a grueling service. Let us reconcile your inventory, create shopping and prep lists, and track recipe costing over time.
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Virtual Kitchen Managers
We are real live humans you can text, email, or call. Your kitchen is flexible and so is our team!

Waste not, want not

Your inventory is your business—if you buy too much you're feeding the trash bin; too little and you risk running out; too rigidly and you miss great prices! We will reconcile expected levels with your team's notes after service so you always know what's in your walk-in.

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Your lists, your way

A chef once told me: "never leave work for the day without knowing what you have to do tomorrow." They were wrong: since we know your recipes, your pars, your stations, and your inventory levels, we'll learn your format and prepare your lists overnight—shopping, prep, critical items, all of it!—so your team can get a good night's sleep.

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Continuous Costing

You're constantly texting, emailing, and calling your suppliers—because healthy communication is a key ingredient of any relationship!—but where does that data go? Add us to your group chats, email threads, and calls and we'll track your food costs over time to help you instantly find perfect, profitable dishes to suit any occasion.

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